Did you know levity could make menswear more meaningful, fun and distinct? As true stylish gentlemen, we must always remain “elegant, elegant until the end,” but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun while we get dressed and start the day. If you can master this concept, then you will truly understand what it’s like to be “Very Perry.”

As the heat wave in New York City intensifies, and the humidity takes over, it’s smart to wear lighter fabric, and to sport loose fits that will prevent us from sweating even the smallest drop. But comfort and practicality shouldn’t lead to becoming stale and boring, no matter how classic, neat, or clean-cut our outfits can be. 

When creating an outfit, levity is a key principle that will help any gentleman maintain his optimism, good humor, and fashion enthusiasm, even while coping with the hottest temperatures this summer. No other brand knows this better than Perry Ellis. After all, it was founded upon that same philosophy back in 1976, and Mr. Ellis himself was always known for keeping fashion fun with a touch of wit, subsequently establishing the core values of what later became known as the “very Perry” legacy we try to embrace today.






Keeping that same level of fun in mind as we submerge ourselves in our wardrobes will help us stop overthinking, and taking fashion too seriously. The trick is in choosing the right colors and having a positive attitude about them. Most solid and light tones can really uplift your mood. They also tend to look elegant, neat, and quite sophisticated, especially if matched with other similar tones. But be careful, overdoing it might result in looking a little monochromatic, which can take away the fun edge, and you don’t want to look boring, do you? Remember, the goal is to be “very Perry.” Use your demeanor and charm as your best allies and non-tangible accessories while putting your outfit together. Even better, smile while you’re at it. It brightens the day.

Naturally, being the perky guy that I am, I chose to wear clothes from the distinct American fashion house, and to embrace its legacy while venturing into the streets of Manhattan on another hot summer day. I started off with a grey short-sleeved polo ($42.00), and I combined it with modern fit Bengaline Portfolio pants ($85.00). Both pieces are light in fabric and soft. Sure, they have a slim cut, but they fit loosely enough to keep my body fresh an cool as I walk. Light and soft colors hardly make me sweat anyway.




For this ensemble, I wanted the main focus to be on the polo and the pants, but I still wanted to balance them out and complement them with a subtle pop of color, so I opted for a braided belt (Nautica, $40.00) and casual derby shoes (Clarks, $120). Then I incorporated a light grey backpack (Aldo, $60.00) to give the look an even smoother, yet discreetly sophisticated edge.

And there I was, having fun with my outfit, ready to take on the city of New York, fearless of the heat, smiling, and without a single drop of sweat on my bodyt; even as I took the subway and waited at very overheated stations. In other words, I was living up to the very Perry legacy.






In the future, while you’re out there embracing your unique and elegant style, remember there is no harm in having fun while getting dressed, but most of all, remember to be very Perry. Meanwhile, let me know what you think of this ensemble in the comments section below.

Elegantly yours,

Leo Rivera

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