Who would have thought that looking preppy could be so easily accomplished without draining your bank account or wearing the most exclusive brands? As the game of the highs and lows continues to take over the world of fashion, it has become more practical and affordable for gentlemen to embrace this classic clean-cut, polished American look.

Wearing expensive or mainstream brands is not a requiremen to successfully embrace the preppy style anymore. Sure, it’s nice to have high-end pieces that we can incorporate into our our outfits every now and then, but really, what it all comes down to is having a creative sense of style while matching the right pieces that will make you look like a classy gentleman. If you can’t afford the typical preppy brands, there’s no shame in buying clothing that looks similar.


For this look, I decided to play with solid pastel colors. I chose pieces of light fabric, like cotton, and linen, just so that I wouldn’t sweat too much –It’s summer after all. I started with a basic mint polo shirt from H&M ($12.99), and then I threw on linen Perry Ellis shorts ($69.99). I balanced them both out with cognac loafers from Aldo ($120.00), as well as a Nautica belt ($40.00).

Matching the right colors, patterns, and accessories while putting together a neat and well-balanced outfit are key to successfully looking preppy. Tying a sweater or pullover around your neck might seem like a simple or even boring approach to some, but using such knitwear pieces in such fashion can truly turn an otherwise basic summer outfit into a classic American preppy ensemble.


There is no harm in playing with bright colors, it’s summer after all. Just make sure those colors are not too glossy or too shiny. Keep it neat, classy, and simple. Also, if you’re going to wear pink, make sure you do so with confidence.  In this case, I opted for a v-neck cable-knit sweater from Tommy Hilfiger.



Regardless of what brands you wear, and how much you end up paying for them, always remember that there’s more to the preppy style than just wearing pastel-colored polos, shorts and knitwear. Your demeanor is what gives off the vibe of this truly elite lifestyle. Whether you’re wearing an exclusive Ralph Lauren sweater, or a basic polo from H&M, the way you conduct and present yourself will always be relatively connected to being as preppy as you want to be.

Elegantly yours,

Leo Rivera

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