Have you ever gone through your closet on a hot summer day in your New York City apartment, and struggled to come up with something to wear that makes you look as elegant as ever without finding yourself drenched in sweat a few minutes later? Creativity and balance are key, but so are practicality and versatility. If you match your garments correctly, you’ll end up with a flawlessly classy and fresh outfit that most fashionable gentlemen strive for. Let’s get creative.

I recently came up with an “urban summer look”, for which I found inspiration in casual and elegant pieces that help me avoid sweating while I walk the streets of New York and endure the heat.

Let’s face it, layering up  in the midst of exceedingly hot and humid temperatures can be tricky, even if you decide wear materials like cotton, seersucker, or linen. But there’s always a way to get creative. After all, who says you can’t wear a blazer or a jacket with a T-shirt; or even a tank-top? A third layer always adds a dapper touch to an outfit, and it makes it look complete, especially if matched correctly. You don’t want to end up suffocating yourself, or sweating until you’re completely dehydrated, do you? By the way, it’s always good to carry a bottle of water in your bag, just in case.

 For this look, I kept in mind that lighter colors work better in the summer, so I chose a khaki blazer from Banana Republic, and combined it with a grey Topman henley T-shirt. By the way, I’d like to thank my friend Marcel Floruss of onedapperstreet.com for choosing it for me at our #WeekenderEvent, which took place last week at the Topshop store on Fifth Avenue. 

I rarely wear jeans, but this time I felt these light-colored skinny ones from Tommy Hilfiger would go well with the rest of the ensemble. To add the perfect balance, I decided to throw on a brown belt from H&M, and double-strapped monk shoes from Banana Republic, which is also where I got my very versatile and convenient bag, where I secretly kept a handkerchief, just in case I needed to wipe small sweat drops off my face, although this time it wasn’t necessary. I was comfortable in this modern, casual, fresh, and classy look.

I encourage you all to play with your clothes and remain elegant this summer. Don’t be afraid to throw on some layers, remember that if you do so correctly, you’ll avoid sweating, and you’ll always be one of the best dressed gentlemen in the city. Please let me know your thoughts about my outfit in the comments section below.

Elegantly yours,

Leo Rivera


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