Many call me Leo, but my real name is Leonardo, which means “strength and heart of the lion.” It is merely coincidental that my mom has referred to me as her “little lion” and her “king” since I was a baby, and that the first movie I ever watched was “Lion King.”  Oddly enough, my hair has almost just as much volume as the mane of the so called “King of the Jungle.”

As I continue to grow up and chase my dream of being a fashion journalist, the meaning of my name has become my mantra, and a source of motivation. I’m refining that “lion” within me, I’m taking it out for a walk on a leash, and I’m turning it into a modern eclectic preppy gentleman.

It is with much pride that I’m re-launching, a blog created by me with a focus on fashion, lifestyle, and just the right ammount of leonardistical comments. With the stories and articles I look forward to posting, not only do I hope to inform other gentlemen, but I also hope I can inspire them to dress well, to live life to the fullest, and to remain elegant… Elegant until the end.


– Leo



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